Publications by Sam McCarter

My main publications, including works where I have been an editor/ consultant editor, are listed below.  See Links for further details re the publications.
NEW APP WORDZ@gym Game 1 Adjectives: Personality NEW APP
ELTS Testbuilder 1
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2nd Edition  (co-author)
Improve your skills: Writing for IELTS Macmillan 2014
(4.5-6) (co-author)
Improve your skills: Reading for IELTS Macmillan 2014
(4.5-6) (co-author)    
Improve your skills: Listening and Speaking Macmillan 2014
for IELTS  
(4.5-6) (co-author) 
IELTS Skills App
(Winner of the English Speaking Union President’s Award 2013
for innovation and good practice in English language teaching
and learning. The app was also shortlisted for the ELTons
Award 2014 for Digital Innovation.)
Macmillan 2012
Oxford EAP B2 Student Book (co-author) OUP 2012
Oxford EAP B2 Teachers’ Handbook OUP 2012
Direct to IELTS Student Book Macmillan 2013
Direct to IELTS Teacher’s Book Macmillan 2013
IELTS Introduction - Student Book Macmillan 2012
IELTS Introduction - Teacher’s Book Macmillan 2012
Ready for IELTS with Key Macmillan 2010
Ready for IELTS without Key Macmillan 2010
Ready for IELTS Teacher’s Book (co-author) Macmillan 2010
Medicine 2 Student Book OUP 2010
Medicine 2 Teacher’s Resource OUP 2010
Medicine 1 Student Book OUP 2009
Medicine 1 Teacher’s Resource OUP 2009
Uncovering EAP  (co-author) Macmillan 2009
IELTS Testbuilder 2 Macmillan 2008
Tips for IELTS Macmillan 2007
Improve your IELTS Reading Skills(co-author) Macmillan 2007
Improve your IELTS Writing Skills(co-author) Macmillan 2007
Improve your IELTS Listening and (co-author) Macmillan 2007
Speaking Skills
Chapter on IELTS in Refugee Doctors (co-author) Radcliffe 2004
Web publication on Macmillan 2004
IELTS Testbuilder (co-author) Macmillan 2003
Academic Writing Practice for IELTS IntelliGene 2002
Reading Test for IELTS (co-author) IntelliGene 2000
A book for IELTS (co-author) IntelliGene 1998
a book on writing IntelliGene 1997
BPP English for PLAB IntelliGene 1996
Nuffield English Stress Tests for PLAB
(All of the books published by IntelliGene have Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese editions.)
IntelliGene 1992
Main Editorial Work in Tropical Medicine
A chart for WHO on oral rehydration WHO 1983
Editorial work in Tropical Medicine
I have also simplified/edited  a wide of texts in the field of Tropical Medicine, including the following:
How to look after a refrigerator  AHRTAG 1980
[Translated into Spanish, Turkish and Khmer Most widely used manual in Africa]
Low cost aids for the disabled  AHRTAG 1982
Low cost printing for development  Cendit 1982
How to look after a cold box AHRTAG 1983
How to look after a health centre store AHRTAG 1983
Personal Transport for the disabled AHRTAG 1984
How to cope with diarrhoea in the community Ciba-Geigy 1985
Commodity Distribution and Monitoring  UNHCR 1985
in Refugee Relief Operations
[Screen design and content for Computer programme]   
Operational Guidelines for Relief RDI/ 1986
Field Officers         Red Cross
The Emergency Relief Game RDI/ 1986
(Screen lay-out and graphics UNHCR
Three manuals on solar refrigeration  ITP 1986
Interventions in Primary Health WHO 1992

I have also edited the glossaries in a range of CDs in Tropical Medicine for The Wellcome Trust, published 1998/1999:    

Malaria, Trachoma, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sickle Cell disease, Schistosomiasis, TB, Leprosy, Diarrhoeal Diseases,  
Dengue, HIV/AIDS and Nutrition                    
The CDs have won several awards

Abbreviations Above:
ACP - African Cultural Promotions, London
AHRTAG - Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group, a WHO collaborating agency
CENDIT - Indian Publishing Group
NHS - National Health Service
IELTS - International English Language Testing System
ITP - Intermediate Technology Press
OSCE - Objective Structured and Clinical Examination
OUP - Oxford University Press
RDI - Relief and Development Institute
UNHCR - United Nations High Commission for Refugees
WHO - The World Health Organisation
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